Professional Instructional Paragliding Flights in Cape Town

Welcome to Cape Hope Paragliding, where we offer professional, exhilarating, and comprehensive introductory instructional tandem paragliding flights in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

Our experienced Tandem Flight Instructors are committed to providing you with a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable paragliding experience. We are dedicated to delivering a low-pressure and pleasurable Instructional experience that paves the way for your exciting entry into the world of free flight.

Join us to experience the ultimate freedom of paragliding over the stunning landscapes of Signal Hill and Lions Head.

Paragliding Flight in Cape Town
Instructional Tandem Paragliding Flight in Cape Town from either Signal Hill or Lions Head weather depending.
Starting at
  • Inflight Photos R300
  • Caps R200
  • T-shirts R200
  • Full Package R2100
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We use some of the latest GoPro cameras to capture amazing photos and videos of your tandem paragliding flight. The in-flight photos and videos are an optional service provided by your pilot. If you do want to take them (like most people), we either give them to you on a 4-GB micro SD card with an adapter and a plastic housing or we upload them directly to your phone ready to share with the world!

Highly Experienced Pilots

We only use highly experienced Tandem Paragliding Flight Instructors licensed by SAHPA

No Experience Required

All it takes is a will to fly, and we got the rest. We make sure you are in good hands.

Weight Limit

Minimum of 20kg & Maximum of 135kg. Please make sure you know your weight.

Age Limit

Minimum age of 14 is required to do an Instructional Tandem Flight